• Starting at $125 with no cracks
  • We restore your bent wheel wheel to balanceable trueness in about one hour

Potholes, curbs, road hazards and debris can cause bends to the inner and/or outer lip of a wheel resulting in air pressure loss, uneven tire wear, vibrations at high speeds and alignment issues. In most cases, bent wheels can be safely straightening with our wheel straightening service.

We use safe and effective techniques on our patented wheel straightening system. Our safety inspection process requires the technician to measure run-out and check for hidden cracks using a dye penetrant and blacklight. If our inspection determines that a bent wheel is safe to straighten, Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists will straighten using our pressure relaxation wheel straightening system. Frontside and backside bends may not qualify for repair based on location and severity of damage.

We will not straighten bent motorcycle wheels. A bent motorcycle wheel should be replaced.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Please call for a detailed quote.

Our Goal

Our harsh Canadian climate and road system takes a heavy toll on alloy wheels. We often find new factory wheel finishes blemished and unable to withstand our weather sometimes after only one winter. Most wheels are designed overseas or in balmy California and tend fail quickly when exposed to our pot holes, salt, cold, brake dust and harsh cleaning chemicals. It is our intent to restore your wheels to “like new” again, we work with corroded, pitted, peeling, bent, cracked or faded wheels offering a cost effective alternative to the purchase of new wheels.

We offer powder-coated products that can be applied much thicker than traditional “wet” sprayed paints used by other wheel repair companies and even body shops. You will occasionally find minor flaws in our finished product. We take every opportunity to go over each wheel to explain our procedure to you. AWRS offers a limited 1 year warranty against peeling or flaking on our finishes. We want you to be another one of our happy customers, after all word of mouth is our best sales strategy!

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